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The art world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved,


Towards a Newest Laocoön


1)  Comparative Theory of Words and Images

The relationship between words and images as poiesis practitioners.

How do we move forward in the debate about words and images?

2)Newest = loss of context, discard, and denial of this statement

3)Digression.To begin with, what is the priest Laocoon, which is also the title of "Laocoon"? 

4) Indeterminacy of depth in a plane 
Even if the form of a two-dimensional painting is not intended to evoke illusion, we seem to aspire to "depth" according to the shadows contained in the image and the size of the form. However, in the images generated using neural networks, it is possible to disturb such "depth" orientation and create new "connotative moments". Originally, the term "connotative moment" in Laocón was used in the discussion of which moment of movement the artist should cut out, and it was suggested that the artist should cut out a rich cross-section that evokes the back and forth on the time axis. On the other hand, in a new connotative moment, the connotative "moment" of the spatial axis is a problem.

5) New image sampling by machine learning
Several specific imaging modes, which have not been verbalized in previous imaging theories, are identified. He attempts to verbalize them and purify them as works of art.

6) "Laocoon" and today's "Laocoon"
Reading of Lessing's "Laocoon" and the books in its lineage, as well as the 2019 edition of "Rethinking Lessing's Laocoon", edited by Lifschitz and Squire. I have been pondering what kind of attempts should be made in Japanese contemporary art, which has been described as a "bad place" due to the fact that art is performed in the absence of a modern foundation.

Reference Text

​ただもう一つのラオコーン Just, one another Laocoon.